Our range of commercial loans gives you the flexibility and capital to help grow your business on your terms.

Working Capital Lines of Credit
Secure a flexible loan or line of credit you can use as needed for short-term or seasonal borrowing.

Line of Credit Sweep
Our integrated deposit and loan systems allow you to link your operating Line of Credit * to any depository accounts for convenient access to your credit line. Account integration makes it easier to automatically pay down outstanding line of credit balances whenever there are excess funds in your depository account. In addition, this daily automated sweep allows your operating Line of Credit to fund checking account disbursements whenever you need it.

Letters of Credit
This guarantee of payment to a third party on behalf of a second party is obtained to ensure performance.

Term Loans and Equipment Financing
These lump-sum disbursement loans allow you to pay back the loan over a specific period of time. This loan option is frequently used to finance equipment, a change in ownership, a new business acquisition or other long-term needs.

SBA Loans
Small Business Association loans** help your established business grow and expand by providing government guarantees, lower down-payment requirements, longer repayment terms and no balloon payments with fixed or variable lending rates.

Shane Anderson
Commercial Lending Officer

Jeff Murphy
Business Development Officer, Small Business Lending

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