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Merchant Services

Merchant Payment Processing Solutions
Whether you accept customer payments in person, by telephone or online, Central Bank’s merchant program offers customized payment solutions that will enhance your customer’s payment options. Since 1978, we have been processing for merchants who want competitive pricing and technology without giving up personal customer service and support.

Central Bank’s Service Commitment
Central Bank’s merchant program with local representatives is committed to providing superior customer service in a continual effort to exceed our merchant’s expectations. Our on-staff merchant support team is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and we provide 24-hour terminal and PC technical help desk support. Our merchant team has experience in sales and support. As merchant service providers, we process applications in-house, including data entry, terminal deployment, implementation and one-on-one personal service with our clients after the sale is made. As a commitment to quality service, Central Bank offers month-to-month merchant account terms with no cancellation fees.

Overview of Products and Solutions
Our diversified product mix meets a wide range of customer needs, including:

  • Corporate, Business and Purchasing Cards – Today, your business customers are implementing card programs to replace inefficient and expensive paper purchase order processes. Central Bank can set up your business with a qualified level 2 or level 3 merchant processing account. The benefits include improving profitability by reducing payment time from 60 days to two or three days, reducing collection expenses and increasing your competitiveness with new contracts when level 3 processing may be a requirement.
  • Debit Card Purchases/EBT – Take advantage of both online (PIN) and offline (credit) debit purchases with connections to major debit networks. By connecting you with online state EBT programs, Central Bank provides single-point access to electronic benefits transfer programs.
  • Flexible Benefit Cards – If your business is a qualified medical or dependent care provider, take advantage of both medical and dependent care flexible reimbursement card payments from your customers.
  • Recurring Billing Payments – Cardholders requesting to be automatically charged on a regular basis for a continuing service can be accommodated with our recurring billing payment options. The ability to generate automatic payments will offer benefits by reducing receivables, improving cash flow and cutting collections and bad debt, as well as enhancing your customer service.
  • Card Not Present/Internet Payments – Central Bank supports security features to manage risk on card-not-present transactions for all payment options. Our representatives specialize in risk education to assist our merchants in minimizing card-not-present risk. They also specialize in requirements for obtaining the best processing rate.
  • Gift and Loyalty Card Payments – Valutec, Central Bank’s comprehensive gift and loyalty card program, helps you capitalize on a growing industry. By offering a wide range of program options, we provide your organization with the ultimate in choice and flexibility. Issue your own secure electronic gift and loyalty card to replace paper gift certificates and punch card frequency programs. A full suite of reporting services will help you increase sales, manage liability and automatically track point balances for reward and incentive programs.
  • Electronic Check Conversion Processing – Convert paper checks at the point of sale with approved electronic check entries. This service allows you to continue offering your customers the ease and convenience of check writing, while reducing the cost and risk of paper check acceptance.

Payment Processing Options:
From terminals and software to wireless, contactless and eCommerce payment gateways, we support the technology your business needs to accept payment the way you want. However, the proper solution is more than simply selecting and implementing technology. Managing interchange qualification and risk play important roles. Your business is unique, and so are your payment processing needs. A combination of factors impacts your selection of the right solution, including your:

  • Existing technology infrastructure
  • Merchant category (industry)
  • Card transaction volume
  • Average sale size by card type
  • Connectivity and transaction speed
  • Payment choices accepted
  • Number of points of payment in your business environment

With Central Bank, you will have a professional consultant ready to discuss the specific payment needs you have and to keep you posted on the latest payment system innovations. We are committed to managing interchange rate expense and risk associated with payment processing.

  • Touch Tone Capture Processing – Touch Tone Capture offers merchants a simple and affordable option for card payment transaction processing. This service is ideal for the smaller volume merchant who may not want to invest in point-of-sale equipment or software. All transactions are authorized and automatically settled by using any touch tone phone – including your cell phone – and a toll-free number that connects to an interactive voice response unit for entering transaction information. The service is available 24/7/365 and is a full-featured system supporting sales, returns, voids, authorization-only and forced entry. Dial-up touchtone processing offers the convenience of electronic processing, including address verification, security features and business card prompts to ensure best processing rates.
  • Terminal Processing – Terminal processing is available for any merchant who wants the convenience of electronic processing, along with speed, efficient receipt printers and reporting at the end of the business day. Central Bank has partnered with the leading providers of point-of-sale equipment with both dial-up and Internet communication options.
  • Wireless Terminal Processing – For any merchant requiring mobility and flexibility, wireless terminal processing reduces the risk for error and missed payments. With mobile wireless terminal solutions, merchants use advanced technology that includes both internal wireless service and battery power, so neither a phone line or power outlet is necessary to run credit card transactions. Fast transaction processing combines with thermal printers to generate customer receipts, and wireless units qualify for card-present swiped transactions at the lowest possible rates.
  • Virtual Terminal Processing – For merchants who have a need for multiple payment options, Pay Trace Virtual terminal allows multiple users a secure login to the Virtual online terminal from any PC connected to the Internet. User profiles can be created and modified with specific permissions. The virtual terminal will allow for magnetic card-present and recurring transactions, refunds, voids, mail phone and online shopping cart payment options. The secure Web login reduces merchant risk for compromised card data storage. Nothing is stored at the business site, and no installation or upgrades for newer versions are required.
  • PC Software Solutions – Central Bank supports multiple PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) approved software solutions which allow merchants to turn any windows PC into a functional point-of-sale register. We offer specialized dial-up or secure Internet communication processing solutions for your electronic payment needs and can assist in selecting applications in software specific to your industry. Internet/E-commerce Solutions Merchants can accept payments through their Web sites using registered PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Internet payment gateways and shopping carts for card payment data. Central Bank is committed to risk education for our merchants and can assist clients with approved compatible gateways.

Central Bank PCI Data Security Program
What is PCI?
PCI-DSS is a data protection standard for protecting payment card data, as well as your business and any personally identifiable information you may have about your customers and employees. Specifically the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) prohibits the storage of the full contents of any magnetic-stripe, CVV2, CVC2, CID, 3CSC, or PIN data. Storage of this type of data is in violation of PCI-DSS and the card company operating regulations. It also provides security requirements for transmitting card data. Central Bank has selected Trustwave to provide personalized support to help simplify the PCI compliance process and to better understand the security requirements. The Trustkeeper system wizard will help you complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire and provides a help desk where representatives can help answer any questions you may have.

For more information and pricing on merchant payment processing, please contact our merchant services consultants at 859-253-6288 or 1-800-637-6884.