Investment management begins with the fundamentals of sound investing. In a personal meeting, we will assess your tolerance to risk, time horizon and investment objectives. With these three things in mind, we can suggest an asset allocation strategy that will meet your long-term needs. This solid base will allow us to build a portfolio that meets all your objectives.

Risk Tolerance

Your tolerance to risk is an important part of the base for deciding what goes into your investment portfolio. We talk to you about risk parameters and how they can affect asset management. The management and tolerance of risk is considered within your time horizon to determine the quantity and type of investment products within the portfolio.

Time Horizon

The span between when you are considering an investment decision and the time when the investor will need the money is considered the time horizon. It can usually be categorized as short, medium or long, as follows:

Category Time
Short 1–3 years
Medium 4–9 years
Long 10 or more

Investment Objectives

Most likely, you have a clear understanding of what you are saving for. Our investment specialists can help guide you, using risk tolerance and time horizon, toward meeting your investment objective, whether that is saving for a house, saving for retirement or putting your children through college. The objective is important and can only be reachable if you have a clear idea of what it will take. The job of the Wealth Management professional is to explain the path needed to successfully reach your investment objective.

After risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives are determined, an investment professional can help you decide what asset allocation is needed to achieve the desired results. Portfolios are typically comprised of a mixture of investments dependent on your risk tolerance and time horizon. And, the investment team at Central Bank & Trust Co. has put together several models to help make selecting an asset allocation strategy easier.


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