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Central Bank Home Loan Officers

At Central Bank, we’re in the business of helping people. So we understand that when you’re ready to make one of the biggest investments of your life, you want the assistance of people you can trust. That’s where our Central Bank Home Loan Officers come in. Our loan officers are professional, experienced and trusted throughout the community. They’ve helped thousands of people just like you get into the homes of their dreams. As an added bonus, they also offer exceptional, personal service.

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Cathy Himes

Senior Vice President

NMLS ID: 493918

(859) 253-6284 Email Cathy Apply with Cathy

Brian West

Vice President

NMLS ID: 435975

(859) 253-6151 Email Brian Apply with Brian

Tom Breathitt

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493916

(859) 253-8738 Email Tom Apply with Tom

Brad Fields

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493917

(859) 253-8739 Email Brad Apply with Brad

Vina Risner

Assistant Vice President

NMLS ID: 471672

(859) 253-8756 Email Vina Apply with Vina

Bradley Sutherland

Assistant Vice President

NMLS ID: 684107

(859) 253-6155 Email Bradley Apply with Bradley


Ashley Weir

Vice President

NMLS ID: 48393

(502) 570-2268 Email Ashley Apply with Ashley


Bridgette Wingate

Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS ID: 1844989

(502) 456-3803 Email Bridgette Apply with Bridgette

Madison County

Donna Haney

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493923

(859) 625-6502 Email Donna Apply with Donna


Monna Treadway

Vice President

NMLS ID: 42188

(859) 881-6951 Email Monna Apply with Monna

Northern Kentucky

Dennis Barnes

Vice President

NMLS ID: 48136

(859) 905-5581 Email Dennis Apply with Dennis

Dottie Dawson

Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS ID: 1863743

(859) 905-5510 Email Dottie Apply with Dottie


Lee Coleman

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493922

(859) 745-7603 Email Lee Apply with Lee

Paula Beebe

Vice President

NMLS ID: 572861

(859) 745-7631 Email Paula Apply with Paula