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Mortgage Loans

At Central Bank, we have always tried to simplify the loan process by providing experienced assistance, discussing your options and suggesting a mortgage loan that is best suited to your needs.

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Cathy Himes

Senior Vice President

NMLS ID: 493918

(859) 253-6284 chimes@centralbank.com Apply with Cathy

Brian West

Vice President

NMLS ID: 435975

(859) 253-6151 bwest@centralbank.com Apply with Brian

Tom Breathitt

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493916

(859) 253-8738 tbreathitt@centralbank.com Apply with Tom

Brad Fields

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493917

(859) 253-8739 bfields@centralbank.com Apply with Brad

Vina Risner

Assistant Vice President

NMLS ID: 471672

(859) 253-8756 vrisner@centralbank.com Apply with Vina

Bradley Sutherland

Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS ID: 684107

(859) 253-6155 bsutherland@centralbank.com Apply with Bradley


Ashley Weir

Vice President

NMLS ID: 48393

(502) 570-2268 aweir@centralbank.com Apply with Ashley


Bridgette Wingate

Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS ID: 1844989

(502) 456-3803 bwingate@centralbank.com Apply with Bridgette

Madison County

Donna Haney

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493923

(859) 625-6502 dhaney@centralbank.com Apply with Donna


Monna Treadway

Vice President

NMLS ID: 42188

(859) 881-6951 mtreadway@centralbank.com Apply with Monna

Northern Kentucky

Dennis Barnes

Vice President

NMLS ID: 48136

(859) 905-5581 dbarnes@centralbank.com Apply with Dennis

Dottie Dawson

Mortgage Lending Officer

NMLS ID: 1863743

(859) 905-5510 ddawson@centralbank.com Apply with Dottie


Lee Coleman

Vice President

NMLS ID: 493922

(859) 745-7603 lcoleman@centralbank.com Apply with Lee

Paula Beebe

Vice President

NMLS ID: 572861

(859) 745-7631 pbeebe@centralbank.com Apply with Paula