Personal Savings

Open a savings account to set aside funds for a rainy day, help you achieve long-term goals or protect yourself from overdrafts.

No matter which Central Bank savings account you choose, they all include these great features:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Security of FDIC insurance
  • CentralNET
  • Online statements
  • CentralMOBILE with mobile deposit

Regular Savings
A great way to begin a savings program. This account gives you immediate access to funds while earning a competitive rate of interest.

Transfers: 6
Minimum Deposit: $10
Age: 18 and up

Central Money Market Account
This account offers premium interest rates with a minimum opening balance of just $2,500.

Transfers: 6
Minimum Deposit: $2,500
Age: 18 and up

Young American Savings
Start your child off to a lifetime of smart saving with a low opening deposit and no minimum balance requirement.

Transfers: 6
Minimum Deposit: $10
Age: Under 18

Central 55 Savings
For customers who are 55 and older, this savings account carries no minimum balance requirement and no monthly maintenance fee.

Transfers: 6
Minimum Deposit: $10
Age: 55 and older

Specialty Savings Options
Central Bank offers a range of specialty savings accounts that provide options to accommodate long-term needs like your health and retirement. We can also make it easier to save for holiday gift-giving.