Life Insurance
Choosing the best life insurance policy is determined by a range of variables: your age, monthly cash flow, number of dependents and the length of time for which you want to be insured.

Insurance professionals at Central Insurance Services will work closely with you to help you choose the policy that best fits your needs. By examining your entire financial picture, we can tailor insurance coverage to match your goals and budget.

Term Life
Term Life insurance provides the protection you need now at a cost you can afford. This type of policy offers “death benefit only” protection for a specified term, such as 10, 20 or 30 years. At the conclusion of the policy’s term, coverage ceases and the policy expires with no cash value.

Permanent Insurance
Permanent insurance is designed to offer lifetime protection. Permanent life insurance may have fixed premiums, may generally accumulate cash value on a tax-deferral basis and may pay policy dividends. Although more expensive initially than term insurance, permanent life insurance may, over time, become the least expensive form of life insurance.

Estate Planning
You’ve spent a lifetime achieving your goals and financial security. Now, our insurance professionals can help ensure your assets are passed on to the people you care most about.

Taking into account your entire financial situation, we can help you maximize the value of your estate for your designated beneficiaries, including protection of assets, tax liquidity, equalization for heirs, freezing techniques and controlled gifting. Insurance policies can play a key role in maximizing the after-tax transfer of assets to your heirs.

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