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Financial security requires a step-by-step process to reach your ultimate goal. It is a journey based on a sound plan, expert advice and careful attention to detail.

We charge no fees based on buying and selling assets. Our fee structure is based on a simple principle: We are successful when you are. We use a purely open-architecture approach and accept no fee rebates from the mutual fund companies we select. And it’s important for you to know we do not use any proprietary Central Bank products.

At Central Bank, our Wealth Management Group is here to assist you. We’re right here, near you, working face to face and providing a single, comprehensive relationship for your most important personal decisions.

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What We Do

For individuals, families and business owners with complex banking needs, the Central Bank Wealth Management Group offers local commitment, consistent processes and dedicated service to help uncover solutions for your financial needs.

We act as a fiduciary on your behalf, always acting in your best interest. You determine the amount of risk you are comfortable with, and we will help you manage that risk. As professionals, we have the accreditations and credentials to ensure we are always current with ever-changing laws and regulations.

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Matt Frank, CFP®

Matt Frank, CFP® Vice President, Business Development Officer